Solidarity with the people of Pakistan and Freedom forComrade Ali Wazir

The Politbureau of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) energetically condemns the Pakistani government and armed forces’ repressive and systematic human rights attacks against civilians, human rights activists, journalists and social leaders. We call on the global human rights organisations to pronounce against the wave of illegal arrests and the civil rights violations in Pakistan, and for urgent measures to be adopted to safeguard the life of the detained social activists and leaders. 


We express our solidarity with Comrade Ali Wazir, the only Marxist deputy in the country, who was detained last December 6, 2020 under false charges. We hold the Pakistani government and repressive forces responsible for Comrade Ali Wazir’s life, and we demand respect for his human rights and for his immediate liberation. 


The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) manifests its firm solidarity with the Communist Party of Pakistan and the Pakistani workers in their struggle to win democratic liberties and to defend civil and human rights in the population in the face of this repressive and antidemocratic offensive from the Pakistani regime.



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