Communist Party USA

  The year 2020 was difficult for all countries across the globe due to the horrible COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the hardships brought on by this unprecedented situation, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, under the guidance and leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), has seen many great successes. First and foremost, Vietnam stands out on the global stage as an example to learn from when it comes to the management and containment of the COVID-19 pandemic. By putting the lives and well-being of the country’s citizens and residents first, Vietnam has suffered minimal deaths and illnesses from the novel coronavirus. The CPV has helped show the world what is possible when a government serves people instead of capital. Even with the decision to put the lives of people over the needs of business, Vietnam’s economy stands out as one of the few global economies to grow during 2020. Vietnam…

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To our comrades in Vietnam: Solidarity!