PAME Greece

On the 11th of February, the Presidents of the 13 Greek Trade Unions for ship-maritime workers in order to coordinate their common action against the hideous law of the government 4714/2020 that cancels our Collective agreements in seagoing shipping and will calculate the wages according to theITF’s unacceptable agreements. In addition a series of problems – such as the situation in social security and pension, working conditions, unemployment- which during the pandemic were worsened dramatically due to the government – shipowners’ policies, and a number of other accumulated problems remain unresolved and are constantly growing. After discussion, the following were decided: The representatives of the 13 trade unions are expressing their definite opposition to law 4714 and demand its immediate cancelation. Joint representation of the Trade Unions in the Social Security Agency of Ship workers (NAT) to remove from every discussion, the acceptance of the dismissal of our Collective Agreement.…

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23-24 February 2Day National Strike of Maritime Workers