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The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 105 million workers in 132 countries all over the world, supports the granting of legal personality to the Trade Union of Workers of Construction, Transport, Industries and Allied Sectors of Angola  (Sindicato dos Trabalhadores da Construção, Transportes, Indústrias e Afins, SICTIA), member of Força Sindical Angolana-Central Sindical, which is a WFTU affiliate.

Since its foundation on 3 October 2010, the trade union SICTIA has been facing many difficulties in freely exercising trade union activity, due to the fact that its Statute is not published in the Journal of the Republic of Angola (Diário da República).

The Angolan trade union law 21-D/92 of August 28th, article 10, states that, trade union organizations acquire legal personality with the registration of their statutes in the Ministry of Justice. However, only the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights is responsible for the publication of the Statute of any trade union organization in Diário da República. This publication has not been done after SICTIA’s 10 years of existence, constituting a serious violation of the aforementioned law.

The WFTU urges the responsible authorities of the country to comply with the trade union law of Angola and publish in the Journal of the Republic the Statute of SICTIA, which is an active trade union that recently held its 3rd Conference. No more obstacles to the trade union freedoms and action of SICTIA must be caused.

We are looking forward to the prompt actions that must be done for the fulfillment of the right demand of SICTIA trade union and we call upon for the respect of the trade union action and Angolan workers’ rights.

The Secretariat

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