Communist Party of Israel

More than ten thousand Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel took part in a march in the city of Tamra in the Galilee on Saturday afternoon, February 6, to protest the escalating violence and crime in the country’s Arab communities and the ostensible helplessness of the government and police in combating the scourge. Tamra became the venue of a previously planned protest for Saturday after the police killing there of Ahmad Hejazi, a resident of the city on Tuesday, February 2. Hejazi, a 22-year-old nursing student, was shot during a gun battle between police and suspected criminals. According to police, two gunmen armed with automatic M-4 rifles were firing on a house when officers who had been lying in wait for the pair, apparently in a pre-planned ambush, opened fire. Hejazi, who came out of his house when he heard gunfire — reportedly to provide medical assistance —  was shot and killed. A doctor…

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