PAME Greece

The Federation of Workers in Pharmaceuticals in Greece Denounces the Blood-stained Profit Game of the Multinational Pharmaceuticals that IndustriALL Defends Today, a year since the beginning of the pandemic, the working class in all over the world is mourning more victims every day, the signs of the irreconcilable opposition of workers-capitalists have become even more obvious, industrialists and multinationals demand more sacrifices from the workers. The Pharmaceutical multinationals are sacrificing human lives on the altar of their competition for profits, patents, and contracts, while provoking by saying that they want time and cannot deliver the vaccines that have already been prepaid. This macabre sciencetrade, which is paid with human lives, is being supported by the International Trade Union Organization IndustriALL, which is controlled by the mechanism of imperialism and multinationals, the ITUC. Specifically, with its announcement on February 1: IndustriALL assures bosses that “workers are ready and eager to produce…

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Federation of Workers in Pharma in Greece condems the support of IndustriALL to Pharma monopolies