Communist Party of Israel

An international campaign against union busting was launched on Wednesday, February 24, at the Israeli branch of a multinational food delivery company. 10bis (Ten Bis – a play on words in vernacular Hebrew for “Give me a piece”), the Israeli branch of the Just Eat centered in The Netherlands, is denying its workers the right to unionize. Food couriers have worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, risking their own health to keep the food sector alive, and serve the needs of hundreds of thousands of clients, during the pandemic. Union organizers at the 10bis food delivery company (Photo: 10bis union) In October 2020, half of the 10bis couriers unionized in the Histadrut, demanding insurance for couriers and recognition of their tips as components of their salaries. However, the company has tried to prevent unionization, intimidated organizers, refused to negotiate with the workers, and attempted to dismiss the leader of the…

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Int’l Campaign vs. Union Busting at Israeli Branch of Dutch Company