Iraqi Communist Party

14 February 2021 The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party has issued the following statement: We have followed with deep concern the Turkish army’s continuing incursion into Iraqi territories and the violation of our country’s sovereignty. This aggression has exposed the lives of citizens and farmers in the Kurdistan region, especially in the border areas, to great dangers and resulted in human and material losses. Turkey, through these denounced actions, is violating all international norms and values ​​and neighbourly relations between the two countries, at a time when its rulers claim that they are striving for security and stability in Iraq in general and the region in particular, and to develop relations with our country. While Turkey bears primary responsibility for the repeated violations, the international community and the United Nations must act to condemn this aggression and demand its immediate halt. The Iraqi federal government and the…

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Iraqi Communist Party Calls for Immediate Halt of the Turkish Aggression