Iraqi Communist Party

 5 February 2021 The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist has issued the following statement: This morning (Friday, 5th February), the office of our Iraqi Communist Party in the city of Najaf was subjected to a treacherous and cowardly armed attack, which caused a fire and material damage, without causing any casualties. The party’s offices in Baghdad, Basra, Diwaniyah and Nasiriyah had previously been subjected to similar criminal attacks. The instigators are apparently provoked by the political role of our party, its full support for the masses and the popular Uprising, the goals of the protesters, their aspiration for change and putting an end to the quota system and corruption. The attacks revealed the frustration of these forces with the active participation of Iraqi communists in the Uprising and the party’s martyrs who lost their lives while confronting the violence and oppression faced by protesters. The attacks also reflect the…

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Iraqi Communist Party condemns the cowardly armed attack on the party office in Najaf