Communist Party of Israel

Israel announced on Thursday, February 19, it would allow Palestinian workers in the country to return to their West Bank homes starting today, Sunday, February 21. This constitutes a relaxing of restrictions that have forced tens of thousands of them to spend the night in Israel since the start of its third nationwide lockdown on December 27, in an attempt to prevent infection being spread by people moving between the occupied West Bank and Israel. Due to these restrictions, tens of thousands of Palestinian workers have had to sleep in Israel on a daily basis for over a month and a half. However, some Israeli officials assess that “many workers have been returning illegally to the West Bank each day.” Palestinian workers from the occupied West Bank cross the Eyal Checkpoint, near Qalqilya, in the early morning hours to reach their workplaces in Israel – January 2021. (Photo: Activestills) Israel’s Health Ministry decided…

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