PAME Greece

The National Union of Musicians of Greece denounces the EU and the Governments’attempt to silence artists. The current government of Greece voted in the Parliament and maintains articles 183 to 187 of the penal code brought by the previous SYRIZA government, which concern the incorporation of the European directive, in the so-called “terrorism law” on “incitement to violence or hatred”. Under the same legislation, rapper Pablo Hasel was arrested in Spanish State where he is to serve a 9-month prison sentence. At the same time governments across Europe are claiming that this law does not come to silence art but to liberate it! If we do not react immediately by showing our solidarity with the mass mobilizations that are taking place these days in Spain, it will be our turn. We collected thousands of signatures and that was the beginning. We must now show that authoritarianism and prohibitions will not…

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NO to Censorship – Immediate release of Pablo Hasel