South African Communist Party

19 February 2021 The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Free State Province categorically denounces the lies peddled by Andile Lungisa that the SACP attended the court appearance in support of those accused of fraud, corruption and money laundering. Mr Lungisa, in an act of desperation, thanked the SACP for attending the court appearance while addressing a crowd that gathered in Bloemfontein. The SACP rejects his insinuation and distances itself from those who attended the court appearance in support of the accused and in clear defiance of Covid-19 regulations. The SACP in Free State reiterates its unequivocal support to law enforcement agencies and the advances they are making in our province in pursuing corruption cases. We urge them to pursue all instances of corruption without fear, favour or prejudice. Corruption enriches individuals and dents efforts by the democratic government to roll out desperately needed development and services to communities. It…

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SACP Free State denounces lies peddled at court appearance in Bloemfontein and reaffirms its support to Law Enforcement Agencies, calls for speedier processing of the case