Communist Youth of Greece

Thousands of university students across the country, along with teachers, parents and students, sent a strong message against the government’s anti-educational policy on Thursday, 28/01/2021. It should be noted that on the eve of the mobilizations, the ND government, under the pretext of tackling the pandemic, banned gatherings of more than 99 people throughout the country. At the same time, the government, taking advantage of the governing majority in the parliament, has passed a new anti-democratic law, according to which, in order for such a rally to be allowed it must previously be declared on a special online police platform, along with the organizers’ tax information. Thus, it is obvious that the government intends to suppress rallies and demonstrations against its policies, as well as to financially exterminate any organizer, as the latter will be called to bear  responsibility for the actions of various provocative groups. The KKE has voted…

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University students broke the government's anti-democratic bans