World Federation of Trade Unions

High participation in the initiatives organized by the Unione Sindacale di Base in response to the appeal of the workers and peasants organized with the World Trade Union Federation and La Via Campesina. In Milan hundreds of Indian workers in Italy, organized in USB logistics, together with students of OSA and Noi Restiamo demonstrated with the workers of the School and the new generation union Slang, to demand the withdrawal of the liberticidal laws of the Indian reactionary government which has the goal of impoverishing peasant agriculture to give greater power and wealth to the multinational agro-industry.                                                    . In Rome, a large delegation of the USB together with representatives of the People’s Liberation Front of Sri Lanka, attempted to deliver the protest letter prepared by the World Trade Union Federation to the Indian embassy. The police, due to the proximity of the Embassy to the Quirinal and the Ministry of…

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USB: in Rome and Milan the protest in solidarity with Indian farmers and workers