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  Bill Davis, a long-time trade union and peace activist and Communist Party USA leader, died Jan. 23 in New York while in hospice with COVID-19. He was 78 years old. Davis was a caseworker for the New York City Department of Welfare (later Social Services) and a fixture in the trade union movement. As an AFSCME Local 371 member, he was elected shop steward to the local’s Executive Committee, one of the local’s delegates to the NYC Central Labor Council, and an active retiree. He was loved for his empathy, generosity, and kindness. He often dressed in a blue work shirt (with a red tie on special occasions), red suspenders, a bulging pen protector, and carried the latest technological gadget. He delivered his renowned wit or made a point with his eyes dancing and peering over reading glasses resting on the edge of his nose bridge. And each holiday…

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We remember comrade Bill Davis