WFTU solidarity message with the Sanofi Bangladesh Workers

World Federation of Trade Unions

The international class-oriented trade union movement, joins its voice with the 1000 workers of Sanofi Bangladesh who struggle, demanding the French multinational company provide all benefits to the staff before handing the entire stake of its local unit to Beximco Pharmaceuticals.

Sanofi is intending to end its operation in Bangladesh after decades, depriving the workers of compensations, provident fund, pension and all their just and rightful demands. The working class has a huge experience of the ruthless greediness and the inhumanity of the capital which sacrifice the workers’ needs, dignity and life for the sake of profits.  This is confirmed with the most condemnable and terrible way in the case of Sanofi Bangladesh which let a hunger striker die, demanding the payment of its salary.  We strongly condemn this new capitalist murder and we express our sincere condolence to the family and colleagues of the striker.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 105 million workers in 130 countries all over the world demands the ensuring of all jobs, salaries and benefits of the Sanofi Bangladesh workers both before and after the exiting of the French multinational from the country.

The Secretariat

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WFTU solidarity message with the Sanofi Bangladesh Workers

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