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  Why is it that Derek Chauvin, the former police officer charged with second-degree unintentional murder and second-degree manslaughter in the killing of George Floyd, is on trial? It seems an obvious question, until you realize that in Minnesota alone, there have been 405 documented cases of killings by police, yet only one police officer has been convicted for murder, in 2019. Or until you find out that thousands of complaints against the Minneapolis Police Department have led to only 1% of them being adjudicated, according to Communities United Against Police Brutality. Or until you realize that this is the first time a white police officer in Minnesota has been prosecuted for murdering a Black person. The answer to why Chauvin is on trial is that the people of Minnesota and beyond who protested Floyd’s murder in 2020 made it so. This trial wouldn’t be happening if millions of people…

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A moment of reckoning: Justice for George Floyd!