Communist Party of Britain

From The Battle of Cable Street and the International Brigades in Spain in the 1930s through to the present day, communists pride themselves in being in the front rank of fighting racism and fascism. Along with the rise of the far-right, fascists and neo-nazis across Europe, a new danger presents itself. Below, Phil Katz describes a growing movement to draw an equivalence between those who created Auschwitz and those who liberated it. (26/01/20) ON Monday evening, in Westminster’s Portcullis House, Sir Anthony Beevor gave the Lord Merlyn-Rees memorial lecture, arranged annually by the Holocaust Educational Trust.  The work of the trust is exceptional. It has nurtured survivors and encouraged them, now as British citizens, to tell their story to younger audiences.  This has been achieved through a schools programme that has reached hundreds of thousands, working with education unions to produce resources such as Mosaic, Paul’s Journey and Martin and…

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