World Federation of Trade Unions

In loving memory of Pedro María Martínez Ocio, Francisco Aznar Clemente, Romualdo Barroso Chaparro, José Castillo García y Bienvenido Pereda Moral. On March 3, 1976, the Basque city of Vitoria-Gasteiz suffered the most violent attack against the working class in its entire history. Five workers were killed and more than one hundred people wounded, when striking workers who had assembled in a church were gassed and then fired upon by the armed Spanish police as they were evacuating it. Under a harsh dictatorial regime (Franco had died a few months earlier) devoid of liberties in which the right to strike, demonstrate and assemble, etc., did not exist, workers in Vitoria-Gasteiz went on a strike for purely socio-labour reasons that was widely seconded at a number of companies. After two long months of strikes and two days of a general strike, a complete stoppage of work was called for March 3.…

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Basque Country: 45 years calling for M3mory, truth and justice in the city of Vitoria/Gasteiz