PAME Greece

Intervention of PAME on Teleworking EUROF -WFTU Youth Committee Meeting March 5, 2021  Photos: The new capitalist crisis, accelerated by the covid-19 pandemic, gave the governments and the EU the opportunity to pass laws on demands the employers have had for a long time, to attack wages and work rights with the goal of reducing the labor costs and of intensifying work. In Greece, the attack against the workers’ rights escalated, with an increase in part-time jobs, suspensions of job contracts, lay offs, for which the ND government legislated, thus reinforcing even more the business groups. New forms of employment were added on top of the old ones, increasing even more the level of exploitation. One such new flexible form is teleworking. Under the pretext of the protection of the workers’ health and that of their families, teleworking was applied globally from the very first days of the pandemic.…

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Intervention of PAME on Teleworking