Iraqi Communist Party

1 March 2021 Horrific news is coming out of Iraq about the crimes committed in recent days against peaceful demonstrators in Nasiriya city, Thi-Qar province in southern Iraq. These criminal acts have been committed by the security forces and militias, under the very eyes of the Iraqi government and with premeditated planning of leading elements of the regime of political sectarianism, to suppress the popular protest movement. At least 10 young protesters have been killed and more than 260 others injured d by live ammunition during this latest bloodshed Nasiriya. This is how the government continues to respond to the popular protest movement, which has regained momentum, and to the massive demonstrations that have taken place in support of the protesters in Nasiriya and in solidarity with their legitimate demands. This movement escalated on the 10th anniversary of popular protests that erupted on 25th February 2011, to get rid of…

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Joint Statement: Killings of peaceful protesters in Nasiriyah, Iraq must stop immediately