World Federation of Trade Unions

The WFTU TUI P&A meeting was led by its General Secretary Comrade Zola Saphetha and the Vice President Mararung. The meeting of public service unions from 25 African countries exchanged on developments regarding the capitalist crisis, COVID-19, the rights of workers and citizens to free vaccines, collective bargaining and the right to strike. The meeting outlined a program of action for the coming months and for the strengthening of the class-oriented WFTU and the TUI. The meeting was joined by new affiliates of the TUI in the region and expressed solidarity to public service workers in Zimbabwe and to the people of Swaziland, Western Sahara, Cuba, Palestine and Venezuela. The meeting concluded with certainty that employers are actively rebutting every trade union effort to improve the lives of public service workers.

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NEHAWU participated today, Tuesday 16 March 2021, in a regional meeting of the English speaking region of the WFTU Public Services & Allied Trade Union International (TUI).