Communist Party of Israel

Israel’s far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quickly claimed on Tuesday night, March 23, “a huge victory” for his Likud party in Israel’s unprecedented fourth election in two years — but the actual counting of votes suggests his right-wing bloc may not have enough Knesset seats to form a ruling coalition. Israel’s longest-serving premier thanked voters on Tuesday night saying, “You gave a huge win to the right and Likud under my leadership. Likud is the biggest party by far. It’s clear most Israelis are right-wing, and want a strong, stable right-wing government.” Joint List chair, MK Ayman Odeh, votes at his neighborhood polling station in Haifa on March 23, 2021 in the fourth Israeli election in two years. (Photo: Joint List) However, as the Central Elections Committee updates its tally, with 87% of the votes counted by noon on Wednesday, March 24, the results suggest that the prime minister and right-wing secular,…

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Political Deadlock Persists despite Netanyahu’s Numerical Victory