Communist Party of Israel

Thousands took to the streets on Saturday, February 27, in Jerusalem, Caesarea, Tel Aviv and at other locations across Israel for the 36th straight week, protesting against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption and his far-right government and their mishandling of the coronavirus crisis. Anti-Netanyahu protesters, late Saturday afternoon, February 27, near Hadera; from right to left the signs read: “Detached, Enough of You!”, “Go,” “You Failed.”(Photo: Black Flag) In Kiryat Ono, a suburb east of Tel Aviv, a 16-year-old Netanyahu supporter attempted to intimidate protesters by driving a car into them and cursing protest leader Shifra Shmueli. The youth was apprehended by Shmueli’s husband and another man also reviled by the young man. In Herzliya, north of Tel Aviv, protesters were pepper-sprayed during Saturday’s demonstration, the 13th time this has happened since the weekly anti-Netanyahu protests began last year. Attacks against anti-Netanyahu protestors were also reported in Rishon LeZyon and other…

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Pro-Netanyahu Youth Drives into Crowd of Protesters in Kiryat Ono