World Federation of Trade Unions

For more than two months, Nakliyat-İş has been in a great effort to organize the workers in Yemeksepeti, the leading online food delivery platform in Turkey, which was acquired by a major German monopoly called Delivery Hero in 2015. During the unionization efforts in the company, the employers, as usual, are doing their best to block our organization in the company. In addition to their intimidation tactics on the workers, they started to use new illegal ways such as forgery of documents with the purpose of preventing the organization of the workers by our union. They applied to the Ministry and changed the sector in which the workers of the company are employed, which is against the related labor code in Turkey. As a result of this fraudulent step taken by the employers, the membership of the majority of the workers we organized was cancelled with just a computer click.…

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Protest Action at German Consulate by Nakliyat-İş Union