Tudeh Party of Iran

It is with deep sorrow that the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran announces the passing of Comrade Ali Khavari, the veteran Leader of the Tudeh Party of Iran. Comrade Khavari was a tireless fighter who, during his nearly 80 years of campaigning for the rights of the workers and working people of Iran – and despite years of imprisonment and torture by the Shah’s regime; long years of exile from Iran; the many propaganda campaigns against him and the Party; and ill-health in the last several years of his life – never gave up his duty as a Party soldier. Comrade Khavari played a clear and special role in the continuation of the activities and struggle of the Tudeh Party of Iran during one of the most difficult and critical periods in its history. Comrade Khavari inspired generations of communists and freedom fighters. He was characterised as…

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Statement of the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran (Abridged Version): Mourning the passing of the Party’s “voice of righteousness”, tireless militant, and “spiritual asset” of Iran’s working people!