Communist Party of Israel

Tel Aviv’s labor court has ruled that the Jewish National Fund (JNF) discriminated against a group of ten Palestinian employees when it wrongfully dismissed them in July 2020. The court ordered that the Palestinian workers, who had worked consecutively at the JNF for between five and ten years, be compensated and immediately rehired. The JNF is was founded in 1901 by the World Zionist Organization for the purpose of purchasing lands for Jewish settlement in then Ottoman-ruled provinces of what would formally be termed Palestine following the end of the First World War. During the British military and mandatory rule of Palestine (1917-1948) and following the founding of the State of Israel (1948) in parts of that territory, the JNF has continued its activity as a quasi-governmental organization dedicated to the acquiring of lands “in the name of the Jewish people,” involving their dispossession from the country’s indigenous, colonized population.…

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TA Labor Court: JNF Discriminated against Ten Palestinian Workers