Communist Party of Israel

Today, Tuesday, March 30, the Palestinian-Arab minority in Israel will mark the 46th annual Land Day with a mass gathering, public addresses, and a wreath-laying ceremony at 16:30 in the city of Sakhnin in the Galilee. Forty-five years ago, on March 30, 1976, thousands throughout the country, protested the pending expropriation of Arab-Palestinian land by Israel’s government in the Galilee. Six Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel were killed, over a hundred were injured, and hundreds more were arrested. What became known as Land Day, and which has been commemorated every March 30th since then, was the first large-scale nationwide general strike of Arab-Palestinians in Israel after 1948, and marked a watershed in the struggle of the Arab-Palestinian minority in Israel, those who remained within the boundaries of the state following the Nakba, for their rights and equality. Demonstrators blocked Route 65, the main artery running through Wadi Ara, at the northern city…

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Today, Mass Demonstration in the Galilee Will Mark 46th Land Day