World Federation of Trade Unions

On March 6th, the WFTU participated in the organizing meeting of “Support Alabama Amazon Workers” in solidarity with BAmazon workers. The meeting brought together more than 250 unionists, labor organizers and simple workers from all over the USA in order to debate on the foundation of a union against one of the biggest multinationals of the whole world. The webinar also discussed on how to build more international solidarity with Amazon workers fighting for a union in the US and how that can connect to workers organizing at Amazon across the world. It has also been discussed on how to organize the workers’ counterattack against union busting unleashed by the Amazon’s bosses. The meeting decided to proceed with new militant actions ahead. The WFTU committed itself to firmly stand by the workers’ side and support their initiatives for international coordination and solidarity. The WFTU was represented by c. Christoforos Giakoumelos.…

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USA: WFTU participates in the organizing meeting of “Support Alabama Amazon Workers”