World Federation of Trade Unions

In November 2020 Amazon and Assoespressi put their demands on the table for the renewal of the national collective labour agreement for logistics: 26 compulsory working Sundays for drivers, extension of the working week to 44 hours spread over 6 days instead of 5 (with only one day off), working holidays to be included in the normal rotation, the first 3 days of sick leave without pay, control of drivers through GPS and of warehouse workers through cameras (with the possibility of using the control for disciplinary purposes), increase in the number of temporary workers, temps and on-call workers, limitation of the right to strike. USB has been contesting these positions for months, ever since the same identical employer demands were the cause of a clash during regional bargaining in Lazio, causing a large number of USB members to leave the CGIL, accused by the workers of wanting to approve…

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