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USB solidarity strike on 1 April in Sevel and FCA plants We are calling for a 2 hour strike on Thursday, April 1, at Sevel and FCA plants in Pomigliano, Melfi, Termoli and Mirafiori. The new work organisation in Sterling Heights (Michigan) foresees the rotation, over 14 consecutive days (including Saturdays and Sundays), of 4 teams instead of the current 3, and 12 hours of work per day per team instead of the current 8 hours. Today we are called upon to fight against a model that is thousands of kilometres away, but which will come very close to us in the coming months, a model that we must defeat with solidarity and worker strength. The statements of CEO Tavares on the costs of the Italian plants should make us reflect, in Sevel we have had the first signs of what appears to be a change in a negative sense.…

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USB: strike in Sevel and FCA plants in solidarity with US workers Stellantis imposes an increase in working hours in the US, from 8 to 12 hours a day