World Federation of Trade Unions

On 24th April 2021, eight years will be concluded since the unspeakable Rana Plaza crime that cost the lives of 1134 garment workers, including 851 women. The collapse of the “Rana Plaza” an eight-story commercial building, uncovered the murderous, barbaric and unsafe working conditions that prevail in an industry that creates uncountable profits to the foreign and local bourgeoisie. Eight years after the massive murder of Rana Plaza workers, the working class is still exposed to fatal dangers in all sectors and countries, trying to earn their livelihood. Moreover, the pandemic of the COVID-19 has undoubtedly revealed the indifference and the conscious denial of the bourgeoisie and its political representatives to take drastic protective measures despite the uncontrollable spread of the virus in crowded workplaces. The criminal lack of health and safety measures and the unsecured working conditions constitute ever-present problems that doom the health, well being and life of…

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WFTU International Forum, April 24th, 2021 – Invitation: Commemorating the victims of Rana Plaza, Dhaka Area, Bangladesh