World Federation of Trade Unions

The World Federation of Trade Unions honors the International day for the elimination of racial discriminations on March 21, which this year finds the Peoples amidst the continuing COVID-19 Pandemic, that affects the most the toiling people, the poor and excluded persons of the societies. The fact that countries representing just a fifth of the global population have assured more than half of all vaccine doses, the fact that vaccination programs are developed mainly in European countries and the USA while other countries are left without vaccination, is another form of racism. This is why the demand of the WFTU for free and safe vaccine for all is timely and imperative. The workers’ and the peoples’ health must be put above profits. At the same time, imperialist wars and interventions go on in the framework of antagonisms for the profits of large monopoly groups.  These wars and interventions along with…

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WFTU statement on the International Day for the elimination of racial discriminations