Communist Party of Israel

With just three days before Israel’s fourth election in two years, the weekly protests against far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued Saturday night, March 20, in city squares, at major intersections, and along highway overpasses throughout the country. The protests were organized under the slogans “Go vote,” “Replace the government,” and “Bring about change.” Hadash and Communist Party of Israel activists brandish red flags and Joint List banners during the mass protest held in Jerusalem against far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Saturday night, March 20, 2021. (Photo: Zo Haderech) In Jerusalem’s Paris Square, near the Prime Minister’s Official Residence, an estimated 50,000 persons took part, in the day’s central protest, making it the largest anti-Netanyahu demonstration since the weekly demonstrations began last June, having become a dominant feature of Israel’s political life. Despite dwindling turnout in recent weeks, protest organizers argued that the pressure they leveled against Netanyahu helped push Israel…

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With 3 Days to Election, Tens of Thousands Protest vs. Netanyahu