Communist Party of Israel

At least 40 persons were injured when violent clashes erupted at the Damascus Gate of the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem late Thursday night and early Friday morning, April 22-23, as Palestinian protesters confronted a group of some 300 extreme-right Israeli activists who marched to the scene chanting “Death to Arabs.” Trying to keep the groups apart, police clashed with the Palestinians. Israeli occupation police near the Damascus Gate of the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem, Thursday night, April 22, 2021. (Photo: WAFA) According to Al-Ittihad and Zo Haderech, most of the fascists present at the scene were linked to the Lehava organization, a militant right-wing movement, which Israeli officials have previously labeled a terrorist group. Lehava’s leader, Ben-Zion Gopstein, took part in the Thursday’s march and the Jerusalem Post quoted him as saying “We’ve come here tonight to clarify to anyone who thinks otherwise: Jerusalem is ours!” At…

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Dozens of Palestinians Injured and Arrested in Clashes with Police as Judeofascists Cry “Death to Arabs”