PAME Greece

The example of Greece In the past few days, the Government of Greece presented the central guidelinesfor the implementation of the Recovery Fund in Greece.The measures announced in EU countries are similar, with only minor differences, regardless of Government, neoliberal, social democratic, left-right or anything else, as the measures come from the core of the EU and the EU decisions which aim to the capitalist recovery and getting over thenew crisis. After all, the measures in Greece were aptly named MEMORANDUM 5, as it is in fact a new, even more barbaric memorandum, which is planned to be imposed on the workers of Europe.It is characteristic that this barbaric plan is supported and promoted by the right hand of the European Commission, the ETUC. PAME, trying to contribute to the information and exchange of experience among the European trade unions for the strengthening of the common struggle against Capital and…

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