Communist Party of Israel

Israel’s High Court of Justice (HCJ) upheld on Thursday, April 8, the decision of far-right Education Minister’s Yoav Galant to block the granting of this year’s Israel Prize in mathematics and computer science to Professor Oded Goldreich. Galant nixed the prominent academic’s nomination because of the latter’s long and consistent political opposition to the occupation, his support for the BDS movement, and most recently his signing of a petition to the EU calling on it to halt research funding for an Israeli university located in the Ariel settlement in the occupied West Bank. Minister Gallant, a member of the ruling Likud party, a former head of the Israeli military’s Southern Command, and a supporter of the settlements, refused to sign off on Goldreich’s award. As the minister’s signature is usually a formality, the Israel Prize’s nominating committee appealed to the Supreme Court, saying Gallant had no authority to block their choice.…

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HCJ Affirms Denial of Israel Prize to Anti-Occupation Communist