Communist Party of Israel

Israeli police arrested on Saturday, April 17, three Palestinian activists in occupied East Jerusalem who were planning to hold a news conference related to the upcoming elections for the Palestinian Authority’s legislative assembly, scheduled for May 22. Palestinians hold an election rally on Salah-al-Din Street in occupied East Jerusalem, Saturday, April 17, 2021. (Photo: Wafa) Candidates Ashraf al-Awar and Naser Kos (Fatah) and Ratiba al-Natshe, (Fida – Palestinian Democratic Union party) organized an elections rally held on Saturday on Salah-al-Din Street in occupied East Jerusalem. With the conclusion of the event, the candidates and attendees marched towards the St. George Hotel to hold a press conference in which they intended to emphasize the importance of holding the elections in Jerusalem; so much so that they planned to say that the elections for the legislative assembly should not be held at all if they did not include East Jerusalem and all its neighborhoods. Israel’s…

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Police Arrest Palestinian Activists in Jerusalem Ahead of PA Elections