Communist Party of Israel

The former president of Rabbis for Human Rights was violently assaulted by a far-right Israeli settler on Wednesday, April 7 near the illegal Maale Ahuvia outpost in the occupied Palestinian territories. Video footage of the brutal attack shows Rabbi Arik Ascherman conversing with a masked settler, then suddenly being attacked by another who repeatedly beats him with a long wooden club while, off-camera, cries of “No violence” are intoned. According to Zo Haderech, Ascherman arrived at the scene after he had been contacted by local Palestinians. He used his Twitter account to share a video depicting the minutes preceding the attack that included a heated conversation between himself and several settlers, with one of them calling him a “murderer” and threatening him. Rabbi Arik Ascherman (Photo: Torat Tzedek) Following the assault, Ascherman related how Israeli occupation forces stood by and watched as he was beaten with the club. “The brutal attack…

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Settler Brutally Assaults Rabbi Defending Palestinian Bedouin