World Federation of Trade Unions

Since 2015, the Trades Union International of Workers of the Building, Wood, and Building Materials Industries – UITBB, has been speaking up, organising campaigns and protests, and communicating with all relevant national and international bodies such as FIFA, on the extremely serious issue of deaths of migrant workers in the worksites of Qatar for the World Cup 2020. At the time, the death toll was 1200 workers. Despite all of our efforts since then, no measures have been taken and as a result, 6 years later the blood continues to flow non-stop, with thousands of dead that no one will miss except their families. Very recently, the world was ‘shocked’ to hear about the 6,500 dead workers in the construction projects of the stadiums. But when thousands of spectators, flock to Qatar’s impressive stadiums to watch football, they should know that they are built -literally- with blood. The fact remains…

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UITBB International Campaign – Qatar 2022