Communist Party of Israel

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence on Jerusalem’s Balfour Street on Saturday evening, May 1, demanding the establishment of a state commission of inquiry into the Mt. Meron festival crush that left 45 dead two days earlier. Police closed several roads in the vicinity as demonstrators filled the streets near the premier’s residence. “Mourning and United” Some protesters held signs reading, “We mourn the dead… We are furious at those responsible. Corruption kills,” making reference to Netanyahu’s ongoing trial for corruption. Protesters also lit candles in memory of those who died during the calamity. “This is a national tragedy that demands personal reckoning,” said protest organizations. “Government corruption is costing human lives.” The organizations called for an official state investigatory committee to be set up to examine the officials charged with running the event. “Government corruption and the alliance between the accused Netanyahu and ultra-Orthodox political parties…

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Balfour Street Protesters Urge State Investigation into Meron Disaster