Communist Party of Britain

The Communist Party has urged the labour movement not to listen to ‘the false prophets of the right’ in response to the May 6 election results. ‘The likes of Lords Mandelson and Adonis only have one overriding aim – to defend the power and wealth of monopoly capitalism’, CP general secretary Robert Griffiths told the party’s political committee on Sunday evening. ‘They blame the legacy of Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party’s many defeats in working-class areas last Thursday, yet it was the failure of their preferred leader – Keir Starmer – to campaign for bold and relevant policies that prompted many electors to abstain or turn to the Tories or Greens in desperation’, he accused. ‘In Wales and those English municipalities where Labour still identifies itself with social ownership and the public good, Labour candidates triumphed against the pro-Tory swing created by the Covid vaccine roll-out, the furlough scheme and “getting…

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Beware false prophets, CP warns