Communist Party of Britain

Comrade Carolus WimmerInternational SecretaryCommunist Party of Venezuela 24 May 2021 Dear Comrade Carolus Communist Party of Britain condemns the assassination of Comandante Jesus Santrich and the invasion of Venezuelan territory by Colombian commandos The Communist Party of Britain sends its solidarity and support to the Communist Party of Venezuela for its exposure and condemnation of the assassination on Venezuelan territory of Comandante Jesus Santrich, a historic leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP). The assassination took place earlier this month. It represented a flagrant violation of Venezuelan territory by Colombian and US-backed commando forces. The assassination represents a further example, of concern to all progressive forces, of imperialism’s strategy of hybrid warfare, using commando and mercenary forces covertly as proxies inside the territories of sovereign nation-states, thereby lending “plausible deniability” for crimes of aggression breaching international law. The Communist Party of Britain shares its solidarity with the Venezuelan…

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British communists denounce assassination of Jesus Santrich