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  Progressive activists in Maine and elsewhere may pay attention more to local political issues than national or international ones. But certain aspects are common to each venue and, being recognized as such, may determine forms of political struggle, even at the local level. Broadening our horizons and looking at how other countries are bettering people’s lives can inform our struggles at home. The struggle for universal health care is one example. In this struggle, the elephant in the room is capitalism. Health care in Maine operates under its spell, resulting in dismal health outcomes. The most recent five-year average annual infant mortality rate (IMR) for the three counties with the least favorable rates was 7.9 infant deaths. (The IMR is the number of first-year infant deaths out of 1,000 births.) The average rate for the three highest achieving counties was 3.8 infant deaths. Evidently, 4.1 Maine babies out of…

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