Communist Party of Israel

Israeli police broke up early on Wednesday, May 26, a demonstration against the forced eviction of Palestinian families from the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood of Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem, arresting two. As the scuffle took place, the Jerusalem District Court heard an appeal in the plaintiffs’ case surrounding the upcoming ejection from their homes. At the conclusion of the session, the court chose to postpone announcing its final ruling on the appeal. A Palestinian protester is forcibly arrested by Israeli police on Wednesday, May 26, near the Jerusalem District Court. (Photo: Silwan Information Center) Zo Haderech reported that police reinforced their deployment near the courthouse in occupied East Jerusalem and set up metal barriers to prevent Palestinian and Israeli peace activists from reaching the site during the hearing to review an appeal submitted by the families against their pending forced expulsions. A similar rally was held on Tuesday evening in a…

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Court Delays Ruling on Expulsion of Palestinian Families from Silwan