Iraqi Communist Party

 27 May 2021 The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party has issued the following statement on 27th May 2021: Yesterday Baghdad witnessed dangerous developments and the mobilization of the armed forces and their deployment in several areas of Baghdad, and especially in the Green Zone. This is not the first time that force and violence have been used to dictate political positions and to usurp the state’s right to impose law and order, to prosecute the accused, and to assert the judiciary’s authority and restore its prestige. The continuation of such practices in violation of the law would lead to further weakening of the state and its institutions, and to a state of instability and chaos. It would also further undermine the citizens’ lack of confidence in government institutions, especially military and security institutions, and in their ability to provide protection and security. In addition, it encourages further undermining…

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Iraqi Communist Party: Stop Undermining the Security and Stability of the Country