Communist Party USA

  The year 1890 saw the first International May — demonstrations for the eight-hour day in many nations — and calls for workers’ organizations to combine economic rights with political rights. The day was chosen in honor of the 1886 U.S. demonstrations for the eight-hour day, the Haymarket riot which followed in Chicago, and the four Haymarket demonstration’s leaders who were hung.  From 1890 on, May Day demonstrations spread throughout the world and became identified with the socialist and later communist movements. May Day was first and foremost a day to educate working people and teach them the power that they have through their numbers when they act with class consciousness. 1. Marxists and Communists see the capitalist state as a. standing above social classes. b. the protector of democracy. c. a state controlled in the last analysis by the capitalist class. d. a dictatorship which must be smashed. 2.…

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