Communist Party of Israel

Doctors, interns and medical students in Israel staged a day-long strike yesterday, Monday, May 10 that ended this morning, Tuesday. The Israel Medical Association (IMA) called a 24-hour strike and staged several other protests that began at 7 am Monday morning, over fears that 600 doctors who were employed as an emergency measure during the COVID-19 pandemic will lose their jobs in just under two months, due to an anticipated non-renewal of funding. During the strike, all hospitals worked on a weekend schedule and non-urgent procedures were canceled. Community clinics went out on strike in solidarity with the IMA members. Interns block a street near Ichilov Hospital in central Tel Aviv during a previous strike held in June 2020. (Photo: Mirsham) The head of the IMA, Professor Zion Hagai said, “We found no other way to come to a compromise with the Finance Ministry… They treat doctors as if they’re disposable,…

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Medical Association and Interns Hold a 24-Hour Warning Strike