Communist Party of Israel

Dozens of Palestinians are facing imminent eviction from and dispossession of their homes in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, in a move to replace them with an entirely Jewish settlement. The Jerusalem District Court has ruled that at least six families must vacate their homes in Sheikh Jarrah by Sunday, May 9, despite their having lived there as refugees since 1956. The same court ruled that seven other families must leave their homes by August 1. In total, 58 people, including 17 children, are to be forcibly displaced to make way for Jewish settlers. Israeli police confront protesters, last Saturday, May 1, in Sheikh Jarrah. (Screenshot: Palestinian social media) On Saturday, May 1, Palestinian protesters clashed with Israeli police during a demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah; four activists were arrested. Palestinians and Israeli peace activists have been holding intensified protests in recent weeks, in a battle that has been waged…

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More Palestinian Families Face Eviction from Sheikh Jarrah Homes