Communist Party of Israel

Hundreds of Jews and Arabs gathered in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah on Friday, May 21, to protest against the planned eviction of several Palestinian families. The protests in Sheikh Jarrah are nothing new, and have been taking place long before mainstream media gave them any attention. However, a social media campaign, during which the hashtag “save Sheikh Jarrah” trended on Twitter for months, combined with the recent deadly Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip have made the Palestinian neighborhood the center of both Israeli and international media. Protestors decry the eviction of families of Palestinian refugees from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, occupied East Jerusalem, Friday May 21, 2021. The large banner reads: “No to the Eviction of Families.” (Photo: Free Jerusalem) Over the last weeks a series of joint Jewish and Arab protests calling for peace and for an end to ongoing violence have taken…

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Occupation Forces Disperse Sheikh Jarrah & Husan Junction Protests